Would you like to advertise and have your business listed on If so, you are in the right place at the right time.

Our website is growing in popularity. It is currently 8-years old. Many different people visit our website daily, mostly from the USA. Our visitors are people looking to learn more about insurance claims.

We are actively looking for businesses who see the value in our audience and want to have their business listed on our website.

Ideal Businesses

  • Insurance Agents – Will be listed in our Insurance Agent Directory
  • Lawyers & Law Firms – Will be listed in our Law Firm Directory
  • Insurance Companies – Will be listed in our Insurance Company Directory
  • Any Business Serving the Insurance Claims Industry – Will be listed in our Misc. Directory

How it Works

If you would like to advertise on our website, just follow the instructions listed below.

The first step is to email and briefly tell me a little bit about yourself and your business to see if we are potentially a good fit for each other. You can send your email to I manage four websites and that is my universal email.

Tell me which options you are interested in:

  1. Banner Ads
  2. Text Links
  3. Sponsored Listings
  4. Other

I will review your website and make a decision if I think you are a good fit for this website. If I approve your ad, and we agree on the terms, I will quote you a price and give you my PayPal address for payment. Once your payment is received, your ad will be published as per our agreed upon terms.

Sponsored Listings

If you choose the sponsored listing option, you will need to follow the steps listed below.

Step # 1: Answer the Following Questions

  1. Can you tell us about yourself and your business?
  2. What types of services do you offer?
  3. Who is your ideal customer?
  4. What makes your firm different from other similar businesses?
  5. How long have you been in business?
  6. How can people get in touch with you?

Our goal is to turn your information into an enjoyable, easy to read article. Each answer should be at least two to three sentences. Put a little thought into your response to each question. Your response to these six questions should be at least 700 words total.

Step # 2: Email Me Your Answers & Photos

The next step is to email me your answers in a Word Document to I will review your information, check it for typos, and edit it to make it easier to read. I will then send it back to you for your final approval. Make sure you include your company logo and one or two other photos that are relevant to the article (a photo of you, your business location, etc.).

Step # 3: Pay the One-Time Fee

The final step is to pay your one-time fee of $250. This will make your listing a PERMANENT article on our website. I will send you instructions on how to pay me via PayPal when I send you your final article for approval. Once I receive your approval and payment, I will publish the article on our website and send you the link to the published article. That’s it. This is a really simple process.

Good to Know Information

  • I reserve the right to approve or refuse any business for any reason
  • Your article will stay on this website permanently as long as I own it
  • I ask that you visit your sponsored listing article at least once per week to answer any questions that people ask via the comments
  • Once an article is published, no refunds are given
  • If at any point, you want your article taken down, just email me to let me know