Top 10 Insurance Adjuster Jokes

Insurance adjuster jokes are always funny. In today’s post, I’m going to share the best of the best.

It is always healthy for a profession to be able to poke fun at itself. Claims adjuster jokes are a dime a dozen. Just so you know that we are an equal-opportunity group when it comes to making fun of people, you can easily replace the words ‘claims adjuster’ with attorney and the jokes will be just as funny (if not more so).

Though some of these jokes have been heard by the adjuster handling your case, it probably is not a good idea to share these jokes with him or her while your claim is still open.

Top 10 Insurance Adjuster Jokes

Here are some of my favorites. In addition, if you have heard any good insurance adjuster jokes that we don’t have listed here, just leave a comment at the end of this post to share it.

Joke # 1

Q: What do you call an insurance adjuster on the ocean floor?

A: A good start.

Joke # 2

Q: What is the difference between a claims adjuster and a whole life insurance policy?

A: The whole life insurance policy will some day mature.

Joke # 3

Q: What do you get when you cross a claims adjuster with a baboon?

A: Who knows; there are some things that a baboon just will not do.

Joke # 4

Two women are having drinks at happy hour when one of them finally musters the nerve to ask the other, “Do you and your husband ever have mutual climax?” The other thinks for a moment, then replies, “No, I am pretty sure that we have State Farm.”

Joke # 5

Q: What is the scientific term for an ethical insurance adjuster?

A: We have no idea … do you?

insurance adjuster jokes

Joke # 6

Arguing with an insurance adjuster over the value of your claim is like wrestling with a pig in the mud. After a while, you begin to realize that he likes it.

Joke # 7

Q: Why does a claims adjuster make a lousy lover?

A: They skip the foreplay and go straight to the screwing.

Joke # 8

An eight-year-old girl came home from school and told her mother “At recess, Johnny asked me to play doctor with him.”

“Oh, goodness”, her mother sighed. “Tell me everything that happened, sweetheart.”

“Well, not much; he just made me wait for an hour and then double-billed our insurance company.”

Joke # 9

An insurance adjuster, a teacher and a masseuse were in a fishing boat together. All of a sudden, their boat hit a rock which tore a large hole in the bottom of the boat. To their chagrin, the trio quickly discovered that the life raft was only large enough for two occupants. A beautiful tropical island was within sight, but the water around them was infested with man-eating sharks.

While the teacher and the masseuse were discussing options, the insurance adjuster just dove into the water and began swimming towards the island. Relieved, the other two got into the raft and paddled away.

The two eventually reached the island shore and were shocked to find the insurance adjuster sitting in the shade of a palm tree sipping milk from a coconut shell. “How in the world did you get through all of those sharks?” they wanted to know.

“It was easy”, he replied, sipping from the coconut, “just old-fashioned professional courtesy.”

Joke # 10

An insurance adjuster was teaching his 16-year-old son to drive when the brakes suddenly failed while they were going down a steep hill in a residential neighborhood.

“It won’t stop!” the son yelled. “What do I do?”

“Brace for impact” yelled Dad “and for God’s sake, try to hit something cheap.”

Final Thoughts

There you have it folks. These are our top 10 insurance adjuster jokes. What are your thoughts? Which joke is your favorite and why? Leave a comment below to let me know what you think.

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16 thoughts on “Top 10 Insurance Adjuster Jokes

  1. Jade

    This was great, lighthearted and so needed! I was not expecting real jokes even though the title says this! Something about insurance and joke in the same line feels weird to say aloud. Yet so refreshing! Thank you for this, I really love laughing and I love it when boring yet important topics can be made to have a softer, playful side as you have done. Great job! Can’t wait to read more from you 🙂

  2. Kyle Ann Percival

    Thanks for the laughs!

    My sister has always had a career with attorneys, and I had heard a couple of these with the substitution of the word “attorney” in place of insurance adjuster.

    But several others were new, and I will be passing them along to her. After 20 years she will appreciate some new material.

    It’s a nice break from a typically dry subject matter to have a few laughs at the expense of insurance adjusters, I’m sure they won’t mind. They may be the ones who thought them up in the first place!

    Thanks again for the unexpected surprise with the insertion of some light-heartedness.

    All the best,


    1. admin Post author

      I’m glad you enjoyed the insurance adjuster jokes. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. 

  3. Mariana

    Hi Chuck!

    I didn’t know Insurance Adjuster jokes could be that hilarious, I haven’t heard any of them before,.Well, I was surprised, even if I know nothing about insurance adjusters. I have to say that #8 and #10 were the ones that made me laugh me most, but they are all great. I will be looking forward to read more of your articles and learn about insurance claims, as I know barely nothing about this.



    1. admin Post author

      I’m glad to be of help. I’m glad you enjoyed the insurance adjuster jokes. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. 

  4. Sherry

    A good sense of humor not only makes you feel better, it can make you healthier, too!  According an article in Reader’s Digest,  “research has shown that laughing can improve immunity, help regulate blood sugar levels, and improve sleep”. I think we could all benefit from some humor in our life – especially an insurance adjuster! (How boring lol)

  5. Sherry

    A good sense of humor not only makes you feel better, it can make you healthier, too!  According to an article in Reader’s Digest,  “research has shown that laughing can improve immunity, help regulate blood sugar levels, and improve sleep”. I think we all need and deserve some humor in our life, especially insurance adjusters I’m sure! Thanks for the giggle.

  6. Twack Romero

    I actually got snared by the title because ‘insurance’ is currently a ‘hot potato’ at the moment, but that’s a tale for another day. I honestly thought it was an ironic take on some of the antics that might befall insurance adjusters or how they behave. 

    I enjoy jokes but never seem to remember any good ones, but I will try to with a few of these, especially the last three. I’m based in the UK so I think I’d take your advice and swap out the ‘Insurance Adjuster’ and replace it with someone more inclined to be berated over here, maybe Traffic Wardens (Who are all wonderful humans beings). Might have to ‘adjust’ some of the wording but it’s still workable.  


    Making jokes about a particular profession is really fun and why didn’t I even think of that all these years? WOW!

    I didn’t encounter so many of these jokes while I was pursuing my former career path. It would have really made some refreshing amusement from time to time, especially when it got really tedious.

    All we told were generalized jokes related to day to day life, but nothing linked to our profession in particular.

    The last joke was a no brainer: Is it even possible to think straight when faced with imminent death? LOL.

    I really loved these insurance adjuster jokes. Great article overall.

  8. Snigdha Alam

    These are some really funny insurance adjuster jokes and I’m not even involved in the insurance industry. Number six really has me laughing. I hope every profession has some internal jokes they can share with each other, so they can laugh at themselves and have their career be more fulfilling and rewarding. 

  9. Arwil

    These are some really funny insurance adjuster jokes. Sometimes we have to sit back and laugh at ourselves. I remember when I used to work at an accounting firm, we had some good accountant jokes that we shared with each other. Take your work seriously, but don’t take yourself too seriously. 

  10. Todd Matthews

    Definitely the tenth joke. I think this one has some truth behind it and provides some practical advice: When in a situation where your car’s out of control and something is going to get hit, hope it’s something cheap that won’t cause your insurance to skyrocket too much. Brace for impact, but hope for a fender-bender with a fence. 

  11. Zihad

    This is a great list of insurance adjuster jokes, Chuck.

    I’m not sure which one on this list is my favorite. Probably # 7. 

    I don’t work in the insurance field myself, but I can see how having some “internal types of jokes” could break the day up and help you make it through stressful times. 

    If I can find any more insurance adjuster jokes I will be sure to add them to this list. 

  12. Adyns68

    Good Job! This list is really hilarious! I can’t stop laughing.

    The best one for me is number 7. Claims adjuster are really known for that….LOL. It is funny and sad at the same time, but that’s the reality of insurance adjuster.

    Where the heck do you get these jokes?

    Thanks for sharing, I had great time reading it!

    1. admin Post author

      These insurance adjuster jokes came from an old friend of mine who spent many years as an insurance adjuster. They really are funny!


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