Top 20 Weird Things You Can Insure

Today, I’m going to share the top 20 weird things you can insure. This is a collection of neat things we found online that people have insured.

Some of these examples are really hard to believe. Each story is cited with where we found it online. Enjoy the read.

Weird Things You Can Insure

Top 20 Weird Things You Can Insure

# 20 Wars and Terrorism (including riots)

I never knew you could insure war or terrorism, but it is an option.

In 2010, the country of Thailand was afraid of losing tourism dollars due to political upheaval and protests. So it offered up to $10,000 to anyone experiencing loss or damage due to the turmoil. It also offered tourists up to $100 per day for travel delays caused by demonstrations.

Source: Wisebread

# 19 Teeth

I don’t have the nicest teeth myself, but if I did, I would insure them!

America Ferrerra was representing Aquafresh White Trays when they decided to take out a $10 million policy on her gorgeous pearly whites – and put out a press release about it. It wasn’t all for publicity, though, sales of the product helped raise money for a charity called “Smiles for Success” that gives dental care to women leaving welfare to return to work.

Source: celebitchy

# 18 Spoiled Food

Got food in the fridge? Expecting to lose power for a few days and worried about the food going bad? Yes, you can insure that food!

While homeowners’ insurance policies vary by company, Marc McLaughlin with the Property and Casualty Division of the Bureau of Insurance with the State Corporation Commission said there are specific policy’s that homeowners can purchase to protect food loss. Those policies typically cost anywhere from $15 to $50 a year.

 Source: WSLS

Engagement rings evolved as a form of virginity insurance

# 17 Special Events (Wedding, Birthday, Halloween, Bar Mitzvahs)

Got a big birthday party planned, but worried that things might not go as expected? You should consider special event insurance.

Special event insurance is a type of insurance that individuals or organizations purchase to cover their liabilities when hosting events, such as weddings or fundraisers. Basic one-day event insurance averages about $125. That cost can go up based on the number of attendees, the location, and any planned activities.


# 16 Satellites

If I owned a satellite, I would insure it!

You’d think it would be hard to get a policy on something literally shot into orbit and left unprotected in space for a prolonged period of time. And yet Lloyd’s was the first to insure satellites, starting with Intelstat 1 in the 1970s. Lloyd’s value the policies at $100 million each, and they mean business. In 1984, the company put up financing for a space shuttle and a crew of five astronauts to reclaim two rogue satellites.

Source: Haven Life

# 15 Plants

Is your landscaping the eye of your community? Does your business or home have extravagant landscaping? If so, check this out.

Landscaping insurance provides protection against financial losses arising from third-party claims from bodily injury and property damage. Business property insurance and workers’ compensation are additional policies that cover equipment and other assets of landscaping businesses and their employees. The annual cost of landscaping general liability insurance starts around $400 for most small business owners.


# 14 Photography Gear

Did you know there is special insurance for photographers? Yep. Check this out.

Like any insurance, photography insurance is when you pay a fee, usually on a monthly or yearly basis, that protects you from having to pay a lot of money if something goes wrong related to your business. Photographer insurance can cover anything from damage to your photography equipment to injury and lawsuits. There are a lot of upfront expenses when it comes to starting your own photography business, like investing in a camera and accessories, business cards, website hosting and more.

Source: Format

# 13 Patio & Patio Furniture

If you have a detached patio and/or patio furniture, this is worth checking out.

In most cases, the dwelling insurance part of your homeowner’s policy covers the repair and rebuilding of the structure of your home. If your patio is not attached to the property, however, it doesn’t qualify as part of the dwelling — so you might need to purchase what is known as “other structures protection.”

Source: GOBankingRates

# 12 Professional Liability (Yoga/Personal Trainer)

This is another one of the weird things you can insure: professional liability.

Professional Liability Insurance, also referred as Malpractice Insurance, can cover the cost of legal fees. Your insurance policy will also cover any settlements or judgments that come as a result of lawsuits and claims against you. Your policy can open in a new window even cover any lost wages due to the time and process of a claim.

Source: Marine Agency

# 11 Multiple Births

This might just be the weirdest thing on this list. Do “twins” run in your family? Pregnant, but don’t know what you will have?

Multiple Birth Insurance, this type of coverage helps families “protect” against having more than one child per pregnancy.

We all know that babies cost money, placing great strain on the bottom line of every family they enter. And one of the few things more disruptive than a baby on a family’s budget — is another baby, or two, or three.

Source: Coverhound

# 10 Lottery Insurance – For Companies

This one makes me laugh. Companies can purchase lottery insurance in case their employees win the lottery.

Imagine that you own a company and a large group of your employees entered a lottery pool, and won. You’d be excited for them, right? Well, that excitement might not last if half of your staff decides to retire on the spot. Lloyd’s of London is among the companies that offers insurance for such a scenario, to cover loss of productivity and the hiring of temps and new staff.

Source: Wisebread

# 9 Loch Ness Monster

Ha, ha, ha! This is something I would love to see.

In the early 1970’s, Cutty Sark Whisky ran a promotional contest stating if someone were to capture Nessie, The Loch Ness Monster, during a specified time, they’d pay out a million pounds. Cutty Sark purchased a policy from Lloyd’s that would pay the reward in the event someone actually did catch the beast. Written into the policy were conditions, including a measurement of 20 feet in length or more and verification as the Loch Ness monster by the curators of the Natural History Museum.

Source: PSA

# 8 Legs

Got nice legs? Make your living with them? If so, check this out!

Insured by razor maker Gillette, Mariah Carey’s legs were protected after she became the spokeswoman for their “Legs of a Goddess” campaign. Out of all the strange body parts insured by celebrities, Mariah has the most expensive in the world – her legs are insured for a ground-shattering one billion dollars.

Source: List25

# 7 Kidnapping

People do get kidnapped. It’s sad, but true. Human trafficking is a HUGE problem. Plus, some countries are known for people getting kidnapped. If you’re traveling somewhere high risk, or are a high risk person, you should check out kidnapping insurance.

An insurance policy purchased to protect individuals when working or travelling in high-risk areas such as Latin America, the Middle East, and Eastern Europe. Kidnap and ransom insurance, also known as K&R insurance, will reimburse the insured for ransom payments (both those paid, and those lost in transit) and cover perils such as kidnapping, extortion, wrongful detention, and hijacking in addition to providing coverage for death and dismemberment, disablement, and medical care for the kidnap victim. A K&R insurance policy may also reimburse the insured for crisis management consultants who provide advice on how best to respond to an incident.

Source: Super Brokers

# 6 Key Business Person’s Death

This one isn’t all that weird to be, but it would be for some people. If you own a business and have good people running it, you might want to consider this.

Key person insurance is simply life insurance on the key person in a business. In a small business, this is usually the owner, the founders or perhaps a key employee or two. These are the people who are crucial to a business–the ones whose absence would sink the company. You definitely need to consider key person insurance on those people.

Source: Entrepreneur

# 5 Insurance for a “Change of Heart”

Runaway brides, this one is for you!

A partner changing their mind last minute on their wedding day. Wedding insurance provides coverage for things that could go wrong leading up to or on the Big Day, including a runaway bride.

Source: Global Financial

# 4 Insurance Against Death by Laughter

Is your spouse or good friend really, really funny? Can they make you laugh until your stomach hurts? If so, check this out.

Back in the 1900s Lloyd’s of London issued a $1m policy that would pay out if any film-goers died from excessive laughter. And while we’re on the subject, American comedian Rich Hall, probably wins the prize for hardest claim to prove, having insured himself for $1 million just in case he loses his sense of humour.

Source: Sunlife UK

Pepsi ran a sweepstakes to win $1 billion in 2003, and paid $10 million for insurance

# 3 Hole-in-One Prize

Getting a hole in one is like a dream come true, unless you are the golf course offering a prize for anyone who gets one.

Hole-in-one insurance is a type of price-indemnification coverage. It’s named for insurance taken out by golf-tournament sponsors that run contests offering big-ticket prizes to one or more contestants who make a hole in one on a single try.

Source: Investopedia

# 2 Fantasy Football

Fantasy Football is a huge industry, so there is no doubt in my mind why this made the list.

Insurance policies would cover claims for fantasy football owners whose players suffer major injuries during the season.

The Fantasy Sports Trade Association (FSTA) estimates that 41 million people play fantasy sports annually, with the overwhelming majority — 33 million — engaged in fantasy football.

Source: Risk&Insurance

# 1 Alien Abduction

Aliens. Really? Yes, you can buy alien abduction insurance.

Alien Abduction Insurance (AAI) also known as UFO insurance is supposed to cover you in the event that you can prove that you have been abducted by non-human life forms, more commonly known as “aliens”, provided the terms and conditions of the policy are met along with conditions that would substantiate the proof.

Source: the balance

Final Thoughts

There you have it folks. These are the top 20 weird things you can insure. Which one is your favorite and why? Leave a comment below to let us know what you think. If you have something weird we could add to this list of weird things you can insure, feel free to let us know. Have a great day!

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12 thoughts on “Top 20 Weird Things You Can Insure

  1. Stella

    I’ve heard of people insuring old baseball cards, expensive horses, show dogs, rare coins, their lips, their ears, and hundreds of really interesting things. If you have something that is of value to you, and it’s hard to be replaced, why not insure it? The added peace of mind of having your valuables insured is worth the money you spend on your policy. 

  2. Eric

    Hi Chuck,

    I just finished reading your post, 20 Weird Things You Can Insure. I must say, it was an enjoyable and interesting read.

    I was shocked to learn you could insure your legs and teeth. Also #5, Change of Heart really made me laugh, because I bet claims get filed on that one all the time. 

    I could go on and on about your post because it was very informative, it really let me know that so many things I thought that couldn’t possibly be insured can.

    Your article was well written and easy to read. Thank you. 


  3. Jordan

    This is a great list!  My personal favorite is the Loch Ness Monster insurance. I wonder how many people actually tried to claim the prize?

    Another funny one that I remember was when a furniture store in New England ran a promotion where anyone who bought furniture during a certain window would get a full rebate later that year if the Boston Red Sox won the World Series.  

    They took out an insurance policy just in case they had to pay the rebates, and I think the first year they did the promotion was 2007, when the Red Sox did in fact win.

    Anyway, this was a fun article to read, thanks for putting this together.

    1. admin Post author

      Being a Red Sox fan my self, that is quite interesting. Like you, I’m curious to see how many people tried to claim the Loch Ness Monster prize. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. 

  4. Rob S.

    These are are very weird things to insure. I wonder how much alien insurance costs? If I was a singer and had a special voice, I would definitely insure it. I could say the same thing with special event insurance, like a wedding or Bar Miztvah. Thanks for sharing all of these things, Chuck. 

  5. Tom

    This is pretty interesting and funny. I suppose when you think about it, anything can be at risk. It might seem weird to some, but the world is so diverse that people rely on all sorts of things for their livelihood. I’ve got to admit though, alien insurance seems a bit strange. To each their own!

  6. Pentrental

    I like weird things so insuring them really makes sense. Thailand did a nice thing by insuring travel. It’s no wonder Bangkok is one of the most traveled cities in the world. When I get a satellite someday I will be sure to get insurance! Really though that’s something you would like to have insurance on. Photography gear is something that is expensive and is injury-prone. One of the most weird on this list is definitely alien insurance. I bet there are some buyers out there! 

  7. Henry

    This has been a very interesting read. I had already heard about a few of them like kidnapping, photography gear and satellites. But others took me totally by surprise and even made me laugh. I could have not imagine you have insurance against death by laughter! Thank you for this article. 

  8. Brian

    Hi Chuck, 

    This is an interesting post. Twins run in my family, I may have to consider insurance for this. Haha. The alien abduction and “runaway” bride insurance make me laugh. These things would never cross my mind as things I could insure. Imagine the look on your broker’s face. “Yeah, I’d like insurance just in case I get abducted by aliens?  

    Great post! I look forward to reading more. 


    1. admin Post author

      Yes, these are definitely some weird things you can insure. I’d love to be a fly on the wall when people trying to insure these things are talking with their insurance agent about it. That would be an interesting conversation to hear.

  9. Todd Matthews

    Wow, last season I had Devonta Freeman, Cooper Kupp, Todd Gurley, and others I had released during the season. My injured players were so paramount. Keep in mind this was coming off a 2017 Championship Season, so you can definitely feel my pain here! Fantasy football insurance would’ve been a lifesaver.

    On the other end of the equation, I’ve heard of Personal Trainer insurance before, being a trainer myself and even having coverage, too. It’s surprisingly cheap. 

    1. admin Post author

      Many of my friends play Fantasy Football. I only did it myself for one season. The way my season turned out I probably should have had an insurance policy for it!


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